About Rob Peters Termite & Pest Control



I launched my company, Rob Peters Termite & Pest Control in Feb 2015.

I do WDO inspections, Termite Treatments, and Pest Control. In addition,

I also treat lawns and ornamentals.


I am a State Certified Operator in the category of GHP and TERMITE.

I am an ID Cardholder for a Lawn & Ornamental State Certified Operator.


Over the last four years, I have inspected hundreds of homes and yards.

Unfortunately, termites are a reality in Florida. We also have many

insects that damage plants and turf grass.


Fortunately, termite treatments have come a long way since the 1990’s.

When Termidor hit the market in 2000, termite damage was dramatically reduced.

At Rob Peters Termite & Pest Control, Termidor is the only product used for termite



In addition, chinch bugs, sod webworms and brown patch often affect many

turfgrasses in Tallahassee. We have treatments for those.


Please call if I can help.


Thank You,


Rob Peters